Monday, September 28, 2009

Day Two - Streaks de Deuces

Today marks the second day completed of the Streaks de Deuces challenge. I have finished my second day of 222 push ups, and my shoulders were already feeling the fatigue when I began the day. The push ups were completed in 4 sets (72, 50, 50, 50).

Also, I have decided on my second streak. The second streak is probably nothing too exciting or inspiring to any audience that I might have; however, it will be to participate in my online class every day for the next 22 days. Usually, I only take the class a few days of the week. Now, I will learn more quickly and advance toward the completion of the Streaks de Deuces challenge. I have already participated in the class today. It is a web database development class if in case people were wondering. If I continue adding streaks like this, I guess one could call them cascading style streaks..hahahaha. Sorry, I couldn't resist the urge to add in lame web development joke.

Streaks de Deuces description

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  1. As an amendment to my post, I would also like to congratulate the Detroit Lions on ending their losing streak before it became a Streak de Deuces. Their streak ended at 19 games upon beating the Washington Redskins.