Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are These Common Feelings?

There are two pretty simple events that cause quite an emotional arousal for me. The first event makes me feel like my morale has been kicked in the shins and beaten over the head with a baseball bat, and the second just makes me feel surprisingly happy.

So, I will begin with the one that makes me feel happy. Do other people feel just as happy when they are stuck behind slow cars; then, they decide to make the pass and cruise by just in time to encounter free road ahead on the other side of the slow traffic? I moved around a few cars today on one of those sections of road where the right lane merges into the left lane. I passed the cars just before the merging section, and I was floating on cloud nine. It felt so great to know that I would not have to putt along behind those cars for the next 15 minutes on a two lane road.

Now, the not so good situation. I am sure every person is aware that pens exist which possess a little extension that enables one to hang the pen on their pocket or notepad. Well, I have a habit of playing with this tab in sort of a subconscious manner on a pretty regular basis. Then, one day the little plastic tab decides it can take it any more, and it just snaps off. For some reason, this takes the wind out of my metaphorical sails every time. I just think to myself, "now, how will I be able to keep myself occupied until this pen runs out of ink"?

In conclusion, it just amazes me how some small events like these can have such a profound effect on my feelings, and I was wondering if other people shared these reactions in common.

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