Monday, September 28, 2009

Day Two - Streaks de Deuces

Today marks the second day completed of the Streaks de Deuces challenge. I have finished my second day of 222 push ups, and my shoulders were already feeling the fatigue when I began the day. The push ups were completed in 4 sets (72, 50, 50, 50).

Also, I have decided on my second streak. The second streak is probably nothing too exciting or inspiring to any audience that I might have; however, it will be to participate in my online class every day for the next 22 days. Usually, I only take the class a few days of the week. Now, I will learn more quickly and advance toward the completion of the Streaks de Deuces challenge. I have already participated in the class today. It is a web database development class if in case people were wondering. If I continue adding streaks like this, I guess one could call them cascading style streaks..hahahaha. Sorry, I couldn't resist the urge to add in lame web development joke.

Streaks de Deuces description

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Streaks de Deuces

I have made up my mind; I am going to begin a challenge called "Streaks de Deuces". You may say, "I've never heard of such a challenge." Most likely, you haven't heard of such a challenge because I just thought of it recently. If you have heard of such a challenge; then, some person out there has similar mind to my own. This would be kind of weird, but who knows?

Basically, I decided I am going to try to complete 22 streaks in the next year of time. The start date was close to a month ago, and I am just starting today. So, I have some ground to make up. Even if I started on time, I would have had to run some streaks concurrently to complete the challenge.

Regardless, I have belief that I possess the discipline and determination to complete this. My first streak has begun, and I am going to perform 222 push-ups a day for the next 22 days. That is the only real rule for this streak. Today, I completed the set amount over a total of 4 sets (77, 70, 50, and 25 push-ups).

Now, the news is out; so, I HAAAAAAVE to complete the challenge or I might let down the very small audience of people that read this blog. I don't know what the rest of the streaks will be. I will think of them on the fly I guess. If you have any ideas, share them in the comments section. Basically, this "Streaks de Deuces" challenge is targeted toward self improvement of some shape or form. As a result, I probably won't do any streaks like that guy that eats Big Mac's every day. Once again, please feel free to comment.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soccer Ball Juggling

I didn't know what else to write about so I thought I would post this video of me juggling the soccer ball. It's a shame that I lost control at the end, but I guess taping the error might make it easier for people to relate. Hopefully, this video inspires some people to practice their skills or post their own soccer ball juggling videos. I used to practice this juggling all the time. Then, I decided to pursue running more seriously so I pretty much gave up soccer. The good news is that the old riding the bike saying holds true for soccer ball juggling as well.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are These Common Feelings?

There are two pretty simple events that cause quite an emotional arousal for me. The first event makes me feel like my morale has been kicked in the shins and beaten over the head with a baseball bat, and the second just makes me feel surprisingly happy.

So, I will begin with the one that makes me feel happy. Do other people feel just as happy when they are stuck behind slow cars; then, they decide to make the pass and cruise by just in time to encounter free road ahead on the other side of the slow traffic? I moved around a few cars today on one of those sections of road where the right lane merges into the left lane. I passed the cars just before the merging section, and I was floating on cloud nine. It felt so great to know that I would not have to putt along behind those cars for the next 15 minutes on a two lane road.

Now, the not so good situation. I am sure every person is aware that pens exist which possess a little extension that enables one to hang the pen on their pocket or notepad. Well, I have a habit of playing with this tab in sort of a subconscious manner on a pretty regular basis. Then, one day the little plastic tab decides it can take it any more, and it just snaps off. For some reason, this takes the wind out of my metaphorical sails every time. I just think to myself, "now, how will I be able to keep myself occupied until this pen runs out of ink"?

In conclusion, it just amazes me how some small events like these can have such a profound effect on my feelings, and I was wondering if other people shared these reactions in common.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Madden Nation Look Out!!

So, I've played Madden 10 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. I believe I played a grand total of 6 games. Each time I played with my team which is the greatness know as the Baltimore Ravens. I sucked royally on Playstation 3; thus, I believe that the 360 version is easier. This may seem illogical because the controls are very similar. However, since I won my last three games on 360, I will just follow the inductive reasoning that says that the 360 version is easier (regardless of other factors that may have affected the outcomes). At any rate, simplicity was my key to victories. Essentially, I ran 4 plays out of two formations. The plays consited of a fade, flats, and the QB sneak. Furthermore, to add to the comedy of my success Joe Flacco was insanely fast, Flacco and my running backs could break tackles all day, and my receivers caught poorly thrown passes at their ankles like it was nothing to them. Needless to say, I was gaining a good laugh at my friends' expenses. On defense, my corners were rediculous. This is also contrary to what I have witnessed in real life. Finally, I had one more trick on defense which I can't reveal because I need every advantage that I can get. Basically, I think I am ready to take on Madden Nation...SIKE!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5 Random Thoughts

Have you ever seen a person who only tucks their shirt in on the front side? This should be called the mullet tuck (business in the front, party in the back).

What is the purpose of twice baked potatoes? Why can't they just be cooked all the way the first time?

Why do gas stations always ad 99 tenths of a cent to the price of gas?

Why is the inventor of the Snuggie rich because he/she marketed wearing a robe backwards? Will I be rich if I invent a fleece hat that you can wear backwards?Obviously, I would have to give it a ridiculous name.

Why are they called Bee stings? For some people they are stings, for others they are near death experiences. Calling it a bee sting because in the best case scenario it stings is like a calling death a nap because you might get resuscitated.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hula Hoopla Application on Facebook

Here is my latest project ( Hula Hoopla ). I couldn't think of anything else to write about so I figured why not write a shameless plug for my new Hula Hoopla Facebook app. Essentially, this is the greatest hula hoop game that you will ever play. If you like endurance gaming; then, you will love this game. However, all of this is just my own humble opinion. You should really go visit and play the game for yourself to experience all of its true greatness.