Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dathan Ritzenhein Sets 5k American Record in 12:56

Here it is for your own viewing pleasure

Wowwwwwwww. That's about all I can think of to say to this; that, and what a finish! I can only imagine the reactions that there would be if Ritz could have found it in his legs to beat Bekele that day.

Monday, August 24, 2009

How To Rap Faster

There is a simple trick that I picked up to rap faster. You probably won't be as fast as Twista, but, maybe, you can come close to Krazie Bone.


Krazyie Bone

Basically, the trick is to include more inline rhyming and triple rhyming. If these words are new to you, here is a simple explanation. Inline rhyming, as it sounds, is, simply, a rhyme in the middle of the line of the poem or song. When employing this method, you don't necessarily have to rhyme in the traditional sense (rhyming at the end of the word). Rather, you can mix it up, and rhyme at the beggining of words. This is alliteration if you are using consonant sounds. Also, you can try rhyming sounds in the middle of words. This is called assonance when using vowell sounds and cassonance when using consonant sounds.

Next, Triple rhyming is a rhyme which includes the last three syllables of the words involved. For instance, rhyming "glittering" with "twittering" would be a tripple rhyme. In music, tripplets are fast sounding notes; thus, it makes sense for triple rhymes to be fast sounding rhymes. Also, Triple rhyming may coincide with inline rhyming; in other words, there may be a triple rhyme that is also an inline rhyme.

Putting it all together:
Now that you know the rules, you can break the rules. What I mean by this is that you should make up your own words or add false endings to words like Snoop to achieve the desired results. I have written something small for you to see the effects of my trick.
Here it is:

(takes a few seconds for rap to begin)
Spiteded knitteded sewing my words.
Fiteded wit itit; hat on reverse.

Now, try saying that quickly, and you will see how it speeds up your rapping.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Eyes Deceive Me

Have you ever looked at an object or writing and percieved it incorrectly at first glance? If this question doesn't make sense to you, let me explain. Today, I am casually walking around my house. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of the movie rack, and I see "Madea Goes To Jail".

However, that is not what I saw on first glance. On first glance, I saw MADDEN! I'm sure you can understand this mistake. There were large capital black letters beginning with MAD, the case was white, and I convinced myself to believe that the red man at the top said EA. I thought it was MADDEN 10, and I was siked. "I have Madden!?", I thought to myself. I don't even know why I got excited; I don't have a system on which I can play Madden 10. Also, I don't know why a video game would be on the movie rack. As it turns out, i was deceived by my eyes to believe that a stupid movie was the new Madden.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Once a energy drink connoisseur, I will now share my knowledge of energy drinks in the form of a list (my favorite energy drinks in descending order). To further explain my credentials, I pretty much lived off of energy drinks for a substantial part of the last two years of my life. Recently, I have tried to limit my caffeine intake to prevent a heart attack (I don't need to stay up all night doing work anymore). However, if you feel energy drinks are the answer to your problem; then, this list is perfect for you.

1) Mountain Dew MDX - This was by far the best energy drink I have ever consumed; however, I don't believe that it exists any longer. It tasted great(it tasted more like a soda than an energy drink). Also, it kept me awake better than any energy drink.

2) Amp Overdrive- Slightly edging out the green Amp in the taste category, this cherry flavor drink is also a bit more caffeinated than the green Amp.

3) Amp Big Rig - I don't know if this comes in different flavors. I do know that it is an extraordinary amount of energy drink, it comes in the green flavor, and I have survived after consuming two in one night.

5) Red Bull - This one is a classic. Although it hasn't given me wings, it does ok at keeping me awake. Also, it has a unique taste which is pretty good.

4) Rockstar - I like the orange flavor; I am not sure if it comes in other flavors. This is a little bit sweet for me which is why it does not rank higher on the list; however, it is still pretty good. Also, I believe it has vitamin c. This is always good to consume if you are not sleeping because your immune system will need all of the extra help that it can get.

5) Mickey D's Sweet Tea - This probably won't keep one awake too well; unless, that person is very sensitive to caffeine. However, its taste is sensuous to say the least. I used to like drinking a couple large cups of Mickey D's Sweet Tea to pregame for a long night of work.

6) Coca Cola Classic - Classic is even part of its name. As one of my friends put it, "Coke has bite". I like to go with 2 Liters of Coca Cola if don't want to drink something as strong as Amp.

7) Jolt- It tasted similar to Coca Cola; however, it wasn't quite as good. Also, I might as well have been drinking NyQuil because I dozed right off to sleep after drinking this stuff. Jolt was far over hyped in my opinion; I guess that Jolt was at the leading edge of energy drinks for the oldheads that I heard talking about it.

9) Sobe Energy Drink in a Orange Can- I don't know what its official name was. This stuff tasted pretty good, but it is not a drink that I would want on a regular basis. This might have been discontinued as well. Originally, I drank it because there were no Amps left in the store that I visited. Also, I continued to drink it because it had slightly less sugar than Amp, and it had 130% of one's daily consumption of vitamin c.

10) Monster - I hate the taste of this stuff, and I don't remember it keeping me very alert. The taste is too sweet for my liking.

11) 5 hr Energy - Both flavors taste equally good or bad (I am not really sure). Originally, I thought this stuff was the quintessential energy drink. It was only 4 calories, and I felt like I was on top of the world the first time I drank a 5 hr Energy. The next time I drank one; it did not work quite as well (most likely because I did not sleep much or at all the night before). This pattern continued for next several times that I used it. The last time I used it I thought I was going to have a heart attack; thus, I promised myself not to drink another 5 hr Energy drink.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Do you know my favorite part about doing a handstand? If you said falling on your back and coughing for about the next two minutes while trying to regain your wind; then, you are correct.

Actually, I can't even do handstand. The question should of said headstand, but I like to think of my attempted headstands as handstands that end before I get the chance to get into full handstand position. In my mind there are 4 phases to a handstand. First, you do a tripod (they used to teach this in elementary schools). Then, you extend your feet into the air to do a headstand. Next, you extend your elbows to complete the handstand. Finally, there is the dismount. I am not very good at the last two phases; and I am not too worried about trying to improve.

The whole reason that I am writing this is because of some random occurrence that happened today. I was, calmly, sitting on the couch watching television; when, I got some thought in my head that I was going to do something at the next commercial. Upon the commercial break's arrival, I could no longer remember what I was going to do. I asked myself, "what was I going to do again?". Spontaneously, the word handstand popped into my head. I knew that this was not what I was originally going to do; however, I figured I would try to do one since my last attempt was quite a long time ago. So, I begin my handstand (following my 4 phase handstand algorithm earlier described). I make it to the second phase; then, I flop on my back after about two seconds and start coughing while I try to recover from the ordeal.

This is the second time in the last few days that some random idea has popped into my head which I decided to follow through with. It is becoming sort of my new favorite past time.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Song Stuck In My Head

The other day, suddenly, I begin humming this song in my head. I don't even remember hearing the song before, and I definitely don't remember hearing it during that day. Yet, I some how knew a few words, "I come from a land down under" , and I decided to type them into the YouTube search. Then, I arrived at this video.

This was the song that I had in my head, and I discovered that both the song and the video are pretty epic. In the end, I remain perplexed at how this song ever entered my train of thought. It is pretty weird considering I listen, almost exclusively, to rap music. However, I am thankful this song, somehow, did end up in my brain waves because it was (as stated earlier) epic.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Proverbial LIMIT

And like many races, my days as a runner have been stretched to see one last effort. Just as I was about to call it quits on running, I ended up logging one more effort than I imagined I was able to tolerate.

A few days ago, I ran a ten miler with a few buddies. Red line would probably be a good term to describe my effort on this run as there were many moments when I found myself wondering if I would make it back to my car before dying of heart failure. As with many near death situations, one may begin to reconsider some of their behaviors. The behavior I was reconsidering was running. While battling through the sharp stabbing sensation in my heart region, I had pretty much concluded that I would no longer complete runs as this one. Rather, I would settle for a 4 mile trot as my maximum effort in the future.

However, a few days passed and this was not the case. My buddies called me up to run, and I had intended to politely decline their offer; however, there was a basketball court in the area so I thought I would just play ball instead. So, I show up intending to just clown around with my friends before they take off for their run; then, I would begin to shoot around. However, the scene was pretty crowded around the courts, and for some reason, I persuaded myself into running. Realizing I wasn't a true baller, I figured I would run a couple of miles first; then, I would have a reasonable excuse for playing poorly when I got back to the courts.

So, I begin running. The pace is surprisingly manageable; however, I am worried they are going to crank up the pace in the later miles. Right as I was going to turn around, something convinced me to keep going; I ended up running 8 miles. I remembered the feeling of being in a race, and trying to hang on to the leaders. Then, right when I would be about to throw in the rag and settle; I would tell myself that I could hang on just one more lap. Strangely, this procedure often repeated itself for several laps. That is one feeling I hope that every runner gets that chance to experience; the feeling of overcoming what they previously thought was their LIMIT.

Monday, August 3, 2009

How to force your host's ads to the bottom of your web page

If you have a free host, chances are that you also have the host's ads running on your web page. This is certainly the case for me; however, I didn't really mind until recently. Up until yesterday, all of their ads automatically appeared at the bottom of my pages. Yesterday, I had a page where the ad kept appearing at the top of my page covering some of the page's content. My best guess for why this happened is that I used absolute positioning instead of relative. Thus, when I tried the css code "clear:both;" nothing happened. I searched google, and I found no solutions. Finally, I developed a fix. It might not be the most graceful fix, but it works. So if you have this same problem (ads appearing on top of your content which is positioned absolutely) below is some code that you can use.

In your stylesheet add the lines:

margin: 0px 0px 500px 0px; }

Then, in your html, just inside the body tag, add the following:

<div id="thediv">
<br />