Monday, August 17, 2009


Once a energy drink connoisseur, I will now share my knowledge of energy drinks in the form of a list (my favorite energy drinks in descending order). To further explain my credentials, I pretty much lived off of energy drinks for a substantial part of the last two years of my life. Recently, I have tried to limit my caffeine intake to prevent a heart attack (I don't need to stay up all night doing work anymore). However, if you feel energy drinks are the answer to your problem; then, this list is perfect for you.

1) Mountain Dew MDX - This was by far the best energy drink I have ever consumed; however, I don't believe that it exists any longer. It tasted great(it tasted more like a soda than an energy drink). Also, it kept me awake better than any energy drink.

2) Amp Overdrive- Slightly edging out the green Amp in the taste category, this cherry flavor drink is also a bit more caffeinated than the green Amp.

3) Amp Big Rig - I don't know if this comes in different flavors. I do know that it is an extraordinary amount of energy drink, it comes in the green flavor, and I have survived after consuming two in one night.

5) Red Bull - This one is a classic. Although it hasn't given me wings, it does ok at keeping me awake. Also, it has a unique taste which is pretty good.

4) Rockstar - I like the orange flavor; I am not sure if it comes in other flavors. This is a little bit sweet for me which is why it does not rank higher on the list; however, it is still pretty good. Also, I believe it has vitamin c. This is always good to consume if you are not sleeping because your immune system will need all of the extra help that it can get.

5) Mickey D's Sweet Tea - This probably won't keep one awake too well; unless, that person is very sensitive to caffeine. However, its taste is sensuous to say the least. I used to like drinking a couple large cups of Mickey D's Sweet Tea to pregame for a long night of work.

6) Coca Cola Classic - Classic is even part of its name. As one of my friends put it, "Coke has bite". I like to go with 2 Liters of Coca Cola if don't want to drink something as strong as Amp.

7) Jolt- It tasted similar to Coca Cola; however, it wasn't quite as good. Also, I might as well have been drinking NyQuil because I dozed right off to sleep after drinking this stuff. Jolt was far over hyped in my opinion; I guess that Jolt was at the leading edge of energy drinks for the oldheads that I heard talking about it.

9) Sobe Energy Drink in a Orange Can- I don't know what its official name was. This stuff tasted pretty good, but it is not a drink that I would want on a regular basis. This might have been discontinued as well. Originally, I drank it because there were no Amps left in the store that I visited. Also, I continued to drink it because it had slightly less sugar than Amp, and it had 130% of one's daily consumption of vitamin c.

10) Monster - I hate the taste of this stuff, and I don't remember it keeping me very alert. The taste is too sweet for my liking.

11) 5 hr Energy - Both flavors taste equally good or bad (I am not really sure). Originally, I thought this stuff was the quintessential energy drink. It was only 4 calories, and I felt like I was on top of the world the first time I drank a 5 hr Energy. The next time I drank one; it did not work quite as well (most likely because I did not sleep much or at all the night before). This pattern continued for next several times that I used it. The last time I used it I thought I was going to have a heart attack; thus, I promised myself not to drink another 5 hr Energy drink.

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