Monday, October 19, 2009

A Moment of Success

Once, I was going to the state track meet with my friends to watch some of our other friends that still went to the school. Well, I had been drinking a lot of water for some reason. Either I was in training, or just felt like I should be drinking water because I was going to a track meet.

Anyway, shortly after the journey began I had to urinate. My friend, pulled the car over at one point so he could go urinate in this bush. I didn't want some crazy situation to happen where cops come and arrest me for urinating in the bush; so, I held the urge. Then, I kind of regretted that decision for a while. I began wondering if I would make it to the meet. I was thinking about the last time I remember peeing my pants. It was back in the first grade. The gym teacher wouldn't let me go to the lavatory so I had to urinate in my pants. I don't think they even sent me to the nurses office to change clothes like they used to do. I just walked around with pee pants for the remainder of the day.

I digress; now, back to the story. So, I am refraining from urinating, and I'm fearing a situation worse then the first grade. Clearly, it would be worse because I'm not expected to pee my pants at this age, and I can hold my bladder longer so the accident would be worse. In addition, my stomach is hurting at this point from holding it in my urine so long.

Finally, we get to the stadium, and I head straight to the bathroom. Then, I had one of the greatest moments of relief/success in my life. I began to urinate at the urinal, and two people came and left the urinal next to me while I continued blast the urinal wall with the most epic stream of my life. It was glorious; the end.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jin - No labels But Still Doin' His Thang

Jin is probably one of the greatest battle rappers ever if not the best. He won an insane amount of battles on Freestyle Friday. Since then, I haven't really followed him. I think he signed with Ruff Ryders at some point. Now, he isn't signed, and he is living in Hong Kong. I just found this old remix while surfing through videos on YouTube; I thought it was pretty legit.

Maybe it is better if he doesn't have a label. There is a lot of garbage produced by people signed to labels, and it poisons minds. I watched a video in which Jin said that he is trying to pursue his spirituality more seriously. Hopefully, he can find a way to channel this into his music. The rap game could use some more positive light shinning through it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 13 - Streaks de Deuces

Day 13 of Streaks de Deuces is in the books. For any new readers, that means I am nearly done the first two streaks out of 22 streaks that last 22 days. Since I started the second streak a day later than the first, I still have 10 days left to maintain the second streak.

The current streaks that I have going are completing 222 push ups every day and participating in my online class. Clearly, as long as one concentrates in their studies, they will improve. However, it may not be so obvious that one would get stronger from doing the same number of push ups every day. While one may doubt that it is possible to gain strength by performing the same number of push ups every day, I would argue the opposite. After thirteen days of performing 222 push ups, I can now crank out at least 120 push ups at one time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Livin' The Dream

I've been doing some thinking as I sometimes do, and I got to thinking about the saying "livin' the dream". Many people use this saying. Some people might be using it seriously, and others might be using it sarcastically. The people who speak the words seriously are most likely trying to convey the idea that life is going great for them at the moment.

With that said, I will now help you misoverstand (to borrow a word from Nas' vocabulary) the phrase "Livin the Dream". Now, a dream is something that runs through your subconscious when you are sleeping, or it is an ambition that you might have. Regardless, it is not reality. Thus, literally speaking, "Livin' the Dream" would mean that one was living what is not reality. Or, as I would like to put it, these people are "Livin da lie". So, while they think that they just said they are doing great, they actually said that their life is a lie.

A wise friend of mine named B.T. (B*** T*ts) once warned me about making this mistake. He would exclaim in high pitched tone, "Craaaaig, your tryin to be da truf n lookin like da lie Craig." It is crazy to consider the places where the gospel reaches people. Regardless of the context in which B.T. said that, I took his statement to heart. I mean it was probably some joke that he gathered off of those Friday movies; however, I heard it and thought, "wow, that's pretty deep."

Well, I still think that is pretty deep, and that is why I want to spread the word. So what I am trying to say by all of this rambling, is that one should think before they speak or act. Before a person conforms to the speech patterns or behavior of their peers, they should take a minute to think about what they are actually doing. Surely, "livin' the dream" might sound great on the surface. I mean living and dreams are both, generally, good things. However, by accepting the sayings and speech of your peers as your own without first thinking about what that speech means, you have just begun to live da lie. In conclusion, be the Truth not da lie.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Streaks de Deuces is Still Alive - Day 6

I survived to day 6 of the Streaks de Deuces. I have been doing 222 push ups for 6 days now, and I have studied for my class 5 straight days now. The toughest part so far is finding time to study for the class every day. It is not to hard to find time to crank out a few push ups. Also, the push ups are getting easier. I don't really get sore from doing these push ups any more. I think I will finish these two streaks before I start anymore. I don't have enough faith in my memory to try to keep too many streaks in tact at one time.