Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 13 - Streaks de Deuces

Day 13 of Streaks de Deuces is in the books. For any new readers, that means I am nearly done the first two streaks out of 22 streaks that last 22 days. Since I started the second streak a day later than the first, I still have 10 days left to maintain the second streak.

The current streaks that I have going are completing 222 push ups every day and participating in my online class. Clearly, as long as one concentrates in their studies, they will improve. However, it may not be so obvious that one would get stronger from doing the same number of push ups every day. While one may doubt that it is possible to gain strength by performing the same number of push ups every day, I would argue the opposite. After thirteen days of performing 222 push ups, I can now crank out at least 120 push ups at one time.

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