Monday, October 19, 2009

A Moment of Success

Once, I was going to the state track meet with my friends to watch some of our other friends that still went to the school. Well, I had been drinking a lot of water for some reason. Either I was in training, or just felt like I should be drinking water because I was going to a track meet.

Anyway, shortly after the journey began I had to urinate. My friend, pulled the car over at one point so he could go urinate in this bush. I didn't want some crazy situation to happen where cops come and arrest me for urinating in the bush; so, I held the urge. Then, I kind of regretted that decision for a while. I began wondering if I would make it to the meet. I was thinking about the last time I remember peeing my pants. It was back in the first grade. The gym teacher wouldn't let me go to the lavatory so I had to urinate in my pants. I don't think they even sent me to the nurses office to change clothes like they used to do. I just walked around with pee pants for the remainder of the day.

I digress; now, back to the story. So, I am refraining from urinating, and I'm fearing a situation worse then the first grade. Clearly, it would be worse because I'm not expected to pee my pants at this age, and I can hold my bladder longer so the accident would be worse. In addition, my stomach is hurting at this point from holding it in my urine so long.

Finally, we get to the stadium, and I head straight to the bathroom. Then, I had one of the greatest moments of relief/success in my life. I began to urinate at the urinal, and two people came and left the urinal next to me while I continued blast the urinal wall with the most epic stream of my life. It was glorious; the end.

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