Sunday, October 4, 2009

Livin' The Dream

I've been doing some thinking as I sometimes do, and I got to thinking about the saying "livin' the dream". Many people use this saying. Some people might be using it seriously, and others might be using it sarcastically. The people who speak the words seriously are most likely trying to convey the idea that life is going great for them at the moment.

With that said, I will now help you misoverstand (to borrow a word from Nas' vocabulary) the phrase "Livin the Dream". Now, a dream is something that runs through your subconscious when you are sleeping, or it is an ambition that you might have. Regardless, it is not reality. Thus, literally speaking, "Livin' the Dream" would mean that one was living what is not reality. Or, as I would like to put it, these people are "Livin da lie". So, while they think that they just said they are doing great, they actually said that their life is a lie.

A wise friend of mine named B.T. (B*** T*ts) once warned me about making this mistake. He would exclaim in high pitched tone, "Craaaaig, your tryin to be da truf n lookin like da lie Craig." It is crazy to consider the places where the gospel reaches people. Regardless of the context in which B.T. said that, I took his statement to heart. I mean it was probably some joke that he gathered off of those Friday movies; however, I heard it and thought, "wow, that's pretty deep."

Well, I still think that is pretty deep, and that is why I want to spread the word. So what I am trying to say by all of this rambling, is that one should think before they speak or act. Before a person conforms to the speech patterns or behavior of their peers, they should take a minute to think about what they are actually doing. Surely, "livin' the dream" might sound great on the surface. I mean living and dreams are both, generally, good things. However, by accepting the sayings and speech of your peers as your own without first thinking about what that speech means, you have just begun to live da lie. In conclusion, be the Truth not da lie.

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