Friday, July 10, 2009

Video Game Glitches

I haven't played video games very much recently; however, I can remember back in the day I used to love the glitches that were in video games. These are my favorite three of all time.

1. Epileptic Goalie- Sega Genesis used to have this hockey game. I believe it was called NHL 95. Regardless, there was a glitch in the game. Every so often, one of the goalkeepers would begin an epileptic fit for several seconds. The keeper would begin swinging their stick up and down frantically, and it would leave the goal wide open.

2. Docked Ship- I have this PlayStation game (the original PS), and it is called Battleships. There is a glitch in the game, and you can run the edge of your cruiser onto the land. Then, when a person tries to shoot at you, you can just swing the rest of your ship onto the land to prevent from being hit. This was worth a lot of fun at my father's expense.

3. NFL 2k- I can't remember which game it was; maybe, it was the whole series. There was a glitch in at least one of these Dreamcast games where you could just press y after a play to run the hurry up. After you hit y; then, you continually press a. This leads to the defense being caught offsides because they can't make it back to their side of the line of scrimmage. Repeat this several times, and you are in the opponents red zone.

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