Saturday, July 18, 2009


(photo evidence of epic achievement)

I don't know who invented the acronym DIFTS ; I only know who I heard say it first. I have a friend who would always say DIFTS (I won't name his name for privacy purposes; but, it ends with McGee). He said it stands for Do It for The Story . Well, today I did it for the story. "I did What?" you might ask. I COMPLETED THE JANEY THOMSON MARATHON !! a.k.a the most epic game you will ever play. I had seen enough after about 12 seconds. I was going to quit after I saw how fast I could run the first mile. Then, DIFTS popped into my head. I thought I haaaaaaaaave to finish this just for the story. I defeated all odds. In the end, I overcame boredom, near phalangeal stress fractures, the metaphorical wall of pain and the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome for nothing else but THE STORY.

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