Friday, July 24, 2009

Troll Hall of Fame

I like to read threads posted in the message forum of LetsRun . I think 70 percent of the reason that I enjoy visiting this forum is because of the trolls. However, the performance of the trolls seems to have really declined since I first began reading threads posted at LetsRun. THEN, I visited today, and I saw this thread. This thread is a troll gold. Trollie McSockpuppet performed exquisitely in his trolling efforts. I believe that Trollie McSockpuppet should be a troll model for all trolls in their efforts to take trolling to a level of creativity and hilarity that has yet to be seen by the Internet. The troll even announced in their handle that they were a troll; yet, they were still able to spark such great reactions. That my friends is a sign of trolling well done. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I induct Trollie McSockpuppet into my Troll Hall of Fame.

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