Saturday, June 6, 2009


Brace yourself for a few of the jokes that I have thought of over my few years in this world.

Why are they called cookies when they are baked? They should be called bakies

Who started calling chicken legs drumsticks? Didn't they know you are not suppose to play with your food? Their band probably wasn't successful because thier audience showed up and then left. Everybody got hungry when they saw them start to play with their drumsticks.

Knock Knock.
Who's There?
Doorbell who?
Doorbell who hates knock knock jokes beacuse it feels left out

Who named the orange? It must be the only fruit named by its color. That person was really lazy. They were probably like watermelon, grape, apple, and pear are already taken. Screw it! I'm calling it orange. It's a good thing parents don't name children like that. Or at least not often. There's too many Matthews, a bunch of Justins, Andrew has been done. Screw it! I'm calling him White. I don't know anybody named White. If he has a sibling, their name will be Naval White.

You're always told not to run with scisors. How come nobody ever tells you not to run with a knife. A knife is a lot sharper than scisors. People might be dying out there because they haven't been told not to run with knives. Don't run with scisors, but; More importantly, don't run with knives.

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