Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Bing Bang Theory

Microsoft recently released a new search engine with hopes of increasing their profits in the search industry. Supposedly, offers an improved search algorithm and it is a decision engine in addition to a search engine. While I have not used this site too much, I did take a visit. I was caught off guard by the Miami background, and the links to Miami travel sites, Miami related television shows etc. Personally, I prefer the plain backgrounds of other search engines.
In regards to the decision engine title, I am not so sure what Bing offers that allows it to give itself that title. I believe that the links at the bottom of the homepage would just distract me from finding my search results or arriving at my decision more quickly. The only type of expert system that I seemed to notice was the page that loads upon clicking the travel link on the left hand side of the page. Other than this travel link, the rest of the site seemed to pretty much matched other search engines. However, the site does seem to be an improvement over Microsoft's Live Search. In conclusion, I view Bing as a site that offers an interesting and mildly entertaining search; however, I don't really foresee it making a big bang in the search industry.


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